Sunday, April 17, 2016


First of all, remember the Tobacco Industry?  Remember how they funded their own research to say their product was not harmful?

Remember their false testimony at Congress?

How about their so called "prevention campaigns" they used to do when legislation was being considered?

Welcome to the same tactics in the sex industry.  And an "industry" it is despite the people who want to insist this is about "prostitution" and NOT about the sex industry.   The people who are trying to get you to focus in only on the PROSTITUTION side of the industry in doing so are actually trying to get your attention off of them for a reason.

You know those people?  They tell you not to call "Sex Workers Anonymous" because of the name of group.  They tell you "oh they use the name sex work which is legitimizing this rape so don't speak to them".   You buy the reason without thinking what they're doing is telling you "don't call".  Not only "don't call" but in doing so THEY are trashing the largest and oldest group of people who are in recovery from the sex industry, including trafficking victims.  The very group who started this movement itself by the way.

They focus the attack again the founder, me.  I write too long of posts.  I'm on meth.  I'm on crack.  I'm a pimp.  I'm a control freak.  I this or I that.  I mean clearly personal attacks is all they can do because our program I created clearly works.

The whole thing reminds of the kind of tactics they used to try and discourage Martin Luther King even when the FBI went around to other ministers with tapes they'd made of him having affairs in a personal attack designed to make him back down.

Notice they couldn't stop his progress with the civil rights' movement - so their tactic was to "divide and weaken".  Which is EXACTLY what's happening right now in the trafficking movement.  This blog is going to show you who, why, their tactics, and their end goal.   It's a long post but believe me - these people are counting on the fact you won't take the time to understand what they're up to.    It's nothing new - I again point you to this article where the tobacco industry was found guilty of a "scheme to defraud the public" and I am telling you this is EXACTLY what's happening today with respect to the sex industry.

When these people get you to focus in on me personally, but not our work, understand first I'm no more the whole program than Bill Wilson is every member of Alcoholics Anonymous.   I'm not our chapter in Canada.  I'm not our chapter in Florida.  I'm not our chapter in Pennsylvania.  They tell you not to talk to ME but then HOLD UP Brenda Myers-Powell and Kathleen Mitchell to look at instead who came through our program.  Which is my point - the program clearly works then doesn't it?  The Bible I read tells me to "judge a tree by it's fruit" - not the tree itself.

Nor do you think it's because they want to keep your eyes ONLY on the "john" or "buyer" and the "prostitute".  That is the word the so called "abolishionists" are using is "prostitute".  Never "sex worker".

But notice the new people who have taken over SWOP insist on their side of the fence "sex workers aren't trafficking victims".  In the meantime while these girls are fighting among each other - the MEN, i.e., the PIMPS, who run the SEX INDUSTRY - no one IS TALKING ABOUT THEM.

No no no no.  Prostitution is to the sex industry what a cigar is to big tobacco - just one of their many products that is part of their eco-system.  Which is WHY I will not join in with people who attack PROSTITUTION - because we need to keep our focus on the industry as a whole - including the men and women behind the green curtain pulling the strings.  The TRAFFICKERS - NOT THE PIMPS.

So when Sex Workers Anonymous says it's the industry as a whole we must exit - therefore you need to understand what that means and why we emphasize this point.

Why?  If prostitution is to the tobacco industry what a cigar is - and you take away the cigar - you'll still left with the tobacco industry.  They lose nothing but a product.

You take away cigarettes and now we have Vapes.  Which they say is EVEN MORE HARMFUL than cigarettes by the way.

Can't market cigarettes to kids?  That's okay - we'll market vapes to kids.  Do you see what I mean about  how an industry connected up with an addiction conducts itself knowing it's customers are addicts?  They focus in on one single product - but NOT the company, or the owners, themselves.  Nor the industry itself they represent as a whole.

Now believe me those in the sex industry KNOW that their customers are ADDICTS.  Just as the tobacco industry knows their customer and just as the alcohol industry does too.  As for the sex industry - who is our customer?  Not "real men".  No.  Sex addicts.  What does any addiction have as a common denominator that distinguishes sex from sex addiction?  Jails, institutions, and death.

We can see what Eliot Spitzer does is NOT his personal "sex life".  It is an addiction.  After what he went through with Ashley and the Emperors Club he's back?  I mean that's an addict.

What do addicts do?  They deny they have a problem.    So in 2008 - what does Eliot do?   Here he pushed for a stronger sentence on any man caught buying a prostitute.

Now why, knowing he's one also, why would he do that?  Why would he want some man to really think twice about buying a hooker?

But notice what he did - did he push to have Sex Workers Anonymous rolled out in every court for those affected by the sex industry, and Sexaholics Anonymous for the "johns"?

Oh no - because that would mean looking in his backyard.  No - instead he focused on "human trafficking".   We also see Gloria Steinhem's name who was part of team who brought us the phony "Samoly Mam".

Why?  Because when you hear her speak about trafficking - it has no resemblance to what men like Eliot are doing that's why.  Magicians know well you "distract and mislead the eye" to accomplish your magic tricks.  So what is Eliot doing here that is a magic trick to distract us from what the end game is?

In order to understand the game as a whole - let's look at what's going on in the sex industry today.  Take a look at Oculus coming out.

Which was discussed by Vivid as the "future of the porn industry".   That is after their merger in June 2015.   Please note who they merged with here.  This is a sports betting company, along with a video gaming company.

Seems they are putting a lot into this "virtual reality" of porn -

For which they're pushing watching it on "smart" tv's by the way.  You know them?  The ones that can hear you.

Including Amazon's new product, Alexa, being pitched by Alex Baldwin -  Now Amazon spent a pretty penny on this program to help you predict what socks you'll order next?  Don't be stupid.

Let's cut over to what modern sex trafficking looks like today in the USA.  Vivid as you know sells the Kim Kardasian adult tapes as well as Montana Fishburne's -

How is this different than Playboy who is no longer shooting nude women  or Hustler who has sold his Hustler offices and his home to Russians "willing to pay any price"?

See them around in here?

No - they're running for the hills.  Now when I see Hugh Hefner and Larry Flynt running for the hills - I got to tell you there's a problem brewing.

I ask you where has some of Playboy's models wound up?  They go to to very high places.  They marry men like Gene Simmons.  I've seen them run for political office.  I've seen them become doctors, lawyers, mothers, all kinds of neat things.  They come and go as they please and if you listen to interviews we have up on you'll hear we have Playboy bunnies and Hustler's models as some of our members.

In fact Gloria Steinhem was even a bunny!  I got no beef with Playboy.  You know why?  Because Hef tried to help Dorothy Stratton escape her pimp.  Who was her husband by the way - like Linda Lovelace's husband was her pimp also.  Dorothy's pimp/husband wouldn't let her go so Hef knows well how bad pimp are.  It's why Playboy has supported so well over the years.   It's not exploitation if you let them come and go as they wish and put services back in for them with the money you make.

Now, on the other hand, do you hear anyone from Vivid on our interviews?  Maybe because they didn't make it.  Amber Rayne, who claimed she was raped by James Deen, didn't make it.  She didn't get our phone number that I'm aware of before her death accidental or not.

Do you know why?  James Deen personally made sure that during last December's exit panel in the porn industry that Sex Workers Anonymous was not represented.  Oh and I'm sure they had a spike in sales after her death by the way.

Then we see the media rolling out the "Girlfriend Experience" on Starz.  A film geared towards telling white ladies the sex industry really isn't so bad.   This is a "recruiting" video for white college girls if I ever saw one!

The production company who made the film is Transactional Pictures.  They're headed by Philip Fleishman who is also connected to Premiere Motion Picture and Sinocan Investment Corporation  Premiere is a Canadian company as a side note - where prostitution is not only legal but where there's a war raging right now to have it recriminalized, and to crack down on the demand side by arresting the clients of prostitutes.

Sinocan Investments seems to be a Canadian company also.  Now keep in mind they want to make harder for the men in Canada, and the men that Eliot Spitzer was addressing, to buy street prostitution, legal or not.

This is what these men are pushing for when they say "end demand".   What they mean is ARREST.    I have watched 30 years now of arresting customers and do you know what happens every single time?  You get a "smarter" customer at evading arrest.  They do NOT stop buying porn nor prostitutes.  It's no different than when they had Prohibition and they'd shut down a "speakeasy".  All that would happen is people would find another source.  So this fact is older than the so called "john programs".  Going back to Prohibition anyone with 1/2 a brain in their head knows all that happens when you arrest someone, or make a stiffer penalty, is you drive the customer to seek out "safer" avenues.

Now are they interested in knowing this?  I've contacted groups like "End Demand", and others working for these stiffer sentencing like "Global Centurion".  I've shown them evidence of EFFECTIVE programs where the customer is put into a program to treat sexual addiction and treated like any addict.  I've shown them data after data, report after report, showing that arresting just makes them "smarter" at evading arrest.

I've spoken to "johns" during the time I studied them before I launched our program after they got up and told the "john program" they were "cured" and then went out right after to a strip club.   So anyone who knows anything about the "hobbiest" is that they're like cockroaches.  Hit them with an arrest - and they just move to a new town, a new website, a new club, or some new venue.  Then if anything, they are like Eliot Spitzer in that they try and find sources they know are probably trafficking sources where they are unlikely to have an undercover cop to deal with.

People with this type of high education, as they do, also know this simple fact of psychology 101 -   best way to make someone want something more is to forbid it to them.

Arresting a man for picking up hookers is also another great way to INCREASE THE DEMAND FOR PORN AND WEBCAM SESSIONS.

In fact, let's take a look at the Global Centurion's board who is putting a lot of money behind this "end demand" campaign.  Now I ask you WHAT DO THEY KNOW ABOUT STOPPING "JOHNS" FROM BUYING PROSTITUTES?

Magdalah Racine-Silva is in "data management".  Hmmm.    Laura Lederer, founder, seems to know a lot about government and policy making.   Daniel Silva, data management and he also worked at the "international intelligence counter-narcotics center".      Marianne Meins -  "joins Haystax from Agilex, where she was president of the company’s Intel/Defense Sector business with overall responsibility for the company’s business operations supporting the defense and intelligence communities. "   Robert Northrop is a retired federal law enforcement agent having served 32 years as a U. S. Postal Inspector.    Rob Siedlecki served in the Bush Administration in Washington, DC., at the Administration for Children and Families in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and at the Task Force for Faith-Based and Community Services at the U.S. Department of Justice.

Now I ask you WHAT DO THEY KNOW about STOPPING "johns"?  Do you see anyone on this board from a group like Sexaholics Anonymous - a 12 step group that does effectively help men who are "johns", rapists, and child molesters?   I know.  I spent a solid year studying them when I first founded our program in 1987.  I spent 20 years consulting with their founder on the diversion programs we'd set up for "johns".   Oh, they're celebrating Norma Hotaling's program for "johns" she created.  Okay let's take a look at that.   In 2008, her "john school took a bite out of prostitution".

Now from 2008, until now DO YOU SEE DEMAND HAS DECREASED?  I don't need a study done.  I know from big tobacco numbers can all be manipulated based on who is buying the study.  I mean look around you and use common sense and ask yourself "has demand decreased?"  I don't think so.  But take a look at who they are celebrating - Norma Hotaling.  Norma called up our hotline in 1989 when she first got clean.  We'd been operating for two years by then.  I can say this now as she's deceased and I no longer have to protect her confidence.  I can say now I sent her our starter manual and outreach manual and helped her start SAGE.  SAGE which ran "Prostitutes Anonymous" meetings as part of them program - the program I founded.  In fact, if you go through her effects you'll probably find those manuals I wrote along with our "Recovery Guide".  

In 2013, they gave an award to Kathleen Mitchell for founding "Dignity".  I give her props for that also.  But also point out Kathleen got her recovery through OUR program, the meeting she took into Durango Jail in Arizona was OUR program, and it was her success with that which prompted Catholic Charities to want to add residential services through Dignity, a program which has been running weekly "Prostitutes Anonymous" meetings since day one - again the program I founded.  

I see Melissa Farley, who came to me in 2006 asking for help to write "Trafficking in Nevada - Making the Connections".  Why?  Because we  WERE THE ONLY PROGRAM WHO HAD RESCUED ANYONE OUT OF NEVADA'S TRADE.  Her exact words were "we need your respect and your credibility in order to get this report done for the State Dept., and to have people believe our findings are true."  Check out the clips of the press conference we held to release her book in September of 2007 at

Out of who they've given awards to - I have at least two women who have got their initial recovery through, and utilized as well for them starting their own programs, they recognize as exceptional.  Brenda Myers-Powell and Kathleen Mitchell.  I have interviews up at from members speaking how we helped them in their own words who were not living under our roof at the time of the interview so we know these interviews weren't granted out of fear of being kicked out, fired, or kept longer in jail.  These testimonials were all from survivors living in their own homes with their own sources of income.   Now - show me any of these other people who have created a program that not only led to the passing of the Trafficking Act of 2000 in the first place, but where you hear that many testimonials and see that strong of RESULTS?

So I ask you - does that board look like a board that's been put together with the idea of actually helping "johns" stop buying prostitutes or porn?  We see data management, law enforcement, public policy, government, finance, intelligence - anything but sexual addiction and it's treatment on this board.   Look, I grew up being abused.  I've been pimped.  I've been raped.  I learned a long time ago not to listen to what people SAY but to listen instead to what they DO.  So seriously, does any of these boards of projects look like they were comprised to "end demand"?  I don't even see one psychologist in the pack!

Also, you want to make more money off something?  Make it illegal.  Now the cops and politicians go along with this because then they make money.   It's been proven that when you make something illegal YOU INCREASE CORRUPTION.

So too then do the suppliers of this illegal product.  I mean let's face it - the price of legal booze in a legal county is much cheaper than illegal moonshine in a dry county.  I remember seeing a documentary in fact about how politicians would work in tandom with moonshiners.  They'd make it illegal where their competitors were selling - so their customers would run over to them.  The politicians and cops went along because it advanced their careers.

Ladies and gentlemen - welcome to the tactics of the tobacco and alcohol industries applied to the sex industry.  Now that right there is why they want to limit discussion to that of only being about prostitution.  Let's not look at what the INDUSTRY is doing then.

Now let's take a closer look at Philip Fleishman.  He used to work with Omega Digital Data

Who produced a patent on the hand held terminal.

They also got an FCC approval for a "wireless application" for this terminal.  Appears the company is also related to China and Taiwan also on that application.

It also appears this remote can gauge your body temperature.

Now that's interesting.  Especially since I read that one of the applications of the "smart TV" is that it can hear when you are having sex OR masturbating.

Please note research that shows you will release a hormone, oxytocin, after sexual release that bonds you to whatever you're connected to at the time.

In other words, flash a beer or vape commercial on the TV right after you hear the guy orgasm!  What a brilliant marketing idea!

By the way, we passed a law against subliminal advertising.  There is no laws on the books preventing this type of advertising.

Porn has been shown to make you incapable of having sex with a "real" woman.  Listen I married a 42 year old virgin in real life who had used porn his whole life before the marriage and trust me we had "issues" to get over when we first started having sex together.   I however put my training as a "sexologist" into play and we got over that hump (no pun intended) pretty quickly.  But I saw first hand how screwed up this poor man was before we got married by porn.

Now our program, Sex Workers Anonymous changed its name in 1995 to adjust to the invention of the internet from "Prostitutes Anonymous".

Why?  Because we were getting a flood of new members who were doing porn and web cam performing in saying "well it's not prostitution" who were not "recovering".  This is the same as an alcoholic who is "dry" but not in "recovery".   I heard all the arguments about how "webcam isn't prostitution" and "webcam is safe" and "I'm not having sex with anyone so I won't catch a disease" and the ever dominant cry "it's not illegal and not prostitution".  IT STILL IS SEX WORK HOWEVER.  Which means it does NOT fall within our definition of "sobriety".

Since 2007, there has been a blackout on our name ordered in the media.  Why?

Suddenly, I'm seeing a flood of these films coming out of Chicago which is an area of our program which is I admit is predominantly African American in the inner city.  We have our "white" members who meet out in the suburbs who tell me they won't go to the inner city meetings because the "neighborhood is too rough".   But they weren't asked to be a part of these films - only Brenda, and only the other woman who were speaking about street prostitution  NOT the sex industry.

I kept finding the member there, Brenda Myers-Powell, who was using our group name, but not referencing we are an international program with other chapters who had changed their name in 1995 to Sex Workers Anonymous to INCLUDE the webcam in our definition of "sobriety".  Nor including our chapters in Canada and Australia where prostitution is legal.

When I contacted the producer, and the reporter, Marion Brooks, and told her that this was confusing in that this group she was filming with Brenda as "Prostitutes Anonymous" was only part of the larger fellowship which is called "Sex Workers Anonymous", her response was not to alter the article, but to put a disclaimer at the bottom that makes us look like we're not even part of each other.

Now why would NBC do that?   I asked them to do a piece on the whole over all program they had just filmed Brenda being a part of.  They refused.  Again why?  Would you film one meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous BUT NOT of Bill Wilson, or of AA as a whole?  This didn't make sense at first to me what was going on.

Let's go take a look over at SWOP because they were busy taking over this group after Robin Few died.  In 2013, I saw a flood of grants that went out through SWOP offering money to anyone who would hold a "meet and greet" to sex workers across the country.  These meetings were held in public places where attendees could be photographed. They had to say they were a sex worker to come.  I've had a good relationship with SWOP since they launched, but suddenly there's a team of women screaming through SWOP "stay away from Jody", i.e., "Sex Workers Anonymous".   But at the same gathering up names of women who ARE in the sex industry currently.

Let me ask you something - NONE of these companies can operate without men or women to be providers/performers.  Porn stops if no one gets in front of the camera.  Strip clubs shut down if no one gets up on stage.  Prostitution comes to a halt if men and women say "no".  The ads all stop if everyone quits tomorrow.  The Bunny Ranch turns into desert if all the women walk out.  With all these people like Larry Flynt and Hugh Hefner who are making MILLIONS, and the industry worth BILLIONS - I ask you WHY AREN'T SEX WORKERS UNIONIZED?

Sex Workers Outreach Project when I first got to know about them through Robin Few - was about "outreach".  They were trying to make sure the workers knew about HIV/AIDS, they knew about their legal rights, and when they'd get word someone was in trouble with a pimp or the law - they'd call us to step in and help them.

Now?  I don't even recognize them any more.  Not when they're running around actively threatening sex workers they will chase them right out of their group if they even speak to us.  Not when their chapter leaders are asking people to tell them where I live so they can call the cops on me and have me arrested.   They stopped being about sex workers the minute they stopped telling them that if arrested and found guilty of prostitution they can attend our meetings for free instead of going to jail.  When I see them stand back and let sex workers like Amber Batts lose their home, their marriage, and their children, RATHER than simply tell her about how our program can stop all of this - they are no longer about the sex workers.

So what are they now?  Women like Maxine Doogan, Domina Elle, Bella Robinson, and their Seattle chapter are running around saying "we don't have no trafficking around here" in the "white" sex industry.   In fact, "Mary" is even circling names and vouching for the pimps saying they didn't "coerce" anyone.

Did you know that videogame manufacturers use "influencers" to help sell their product?  These are people who pretend to be "real" people to "influence" you into buying their products.  Seems like Amazon even just came down on some of these "influencers" so they're aware of the practice.

I also want to point out that large industries and companies will hire "union busters" or "influencers" to make sure an industry doesn't unionize.  Read up here on a bit of how they accomplish this -    Take a good look at how the Koch Brothers are opposing union organizing also.

Now in light of that doesn't it seem to be a little more clear Maxine Doogan, Domina Elle, Meg Munoz, Bella Robinson, and Norma Jean Almodovar are not on the side of the sex workers - that maybe they're on the side of the traffickers?  I mean when I see Mary get up in Seattle and say "these women aren't being coerced" she's certainly not protecting the sex worker there.  Not when her one out if arrested is "I was forced".  Why that's her golden ticket out of jail, to get a t-visa, to get money, a free apartment.  I mean "yippee".  WHY would she DENY these women were forced if she's on their side?

Because she's not.  These women are working for the men.  Men like Ryan Kavanaugh from "Relativity Media".  Everyone knows the best way to get publicity is controversy.  Check out how Maxine Doogan has been covering for Relativity Media doing what's called "pretend opposition".

Do you know what that is?  It's when someone sets up a "pretend" protest to get media, sell tickets, gain support, etc.  We saw this with Emma Watson and her speech at the UN.  It turned out to be her own marketing company that issued the threats.  Brilliant.  I mean would you have heard about her speech otherwise?

The street version is the guy who hires another guy to go up to the girl he likes and give her a hard time.  Then he gets to come in and punch him out and look like a hero.  Then he gets the girl swooning thinking he protected her.  The guy who got punched out is the "pretend" opposition.  But remember it's a trick.

The dominatrix's were doing this to promote ticket sales for "50 Shade's of Grey" also.   Here's Mistress Matisse who is friends with Maxine doing just this -

Mistress Trinity is Domina Elle's ex-girlfriend according to her -  (Who when I was saying I didn't believe Domina Elle was a "real" sex worker took the time to call me up just to convince me of that fact.  Only once she delivered that message - I couldn't get her on the phone again.  So real good way to shut down accusations Domina Elle was some kind of covert spy or "catfish" within the sex industry is what that was about.)

Oh and by the way - guess what city had the highest ticket sales for "50 Shades of Grey"?  You got it - the city that had the most protests!!!   Here's opposition by more dominatrix's organized through Maxine Doogan and Whore Nation.

The highest sales?  Where there was the most opposition.  Protests sell tickets and researchers, especially ones who will admit to playing with your emotions like Facebook, know that well.

All who organized to supposedly oppose "8 Minutes"
 also.  Which frankly no one would have heard of either if not for Maxine's pretend opposition.  Why do I say "pretend"?  Because I heard about it through their opposition for one.  I got an email from a woman a few months before the show even aired telling me to "petition them to stop the show".   I said "what show?"  So it worked because I heard about the show.

Like a sheep that's what I did.  I went and signed the petition.  Then I started wondering "how did she know?"  I mean how did this person know not only the show was being filmed, but who their sponsors were?  Like General Electric for example?  (Why does this stuff always lead back to some oil or electric company?)  I looked everywhere - and couldn't find a list of their sponsors anywhere.  So this woman asking people to "contact their sponsors" was not about objection - it was pretty clear this woman had some "inside" information and was not a typical objector.

"Pretend opposition" to get press explains why Domina Elle by the way also owns the domain "demand".  I did a reverse IP search on the site she set up against us at and uncovered that interesting bit of data.  Yes my friends that means "end demand" and the "abolish" groups are actually at the head contrived opposition.

If you wonder how works - go read up on the Koch Brothers and how they got people to join the Tea Party thinking one thing when in reality they were selling themselves out with the other.   That is if Rolling Stone still exists after breaking the story to us about the fraud.  It really was quite amazing.  The Koch brothers through the Tea Party went around organizing "government for the people by the people" while leaving out this meant getting rid of the EPA and other such essential governmental and regulatory agencies that was REALLY what their goal was.   I propose what we're seeing right now is the SAME TACTICS.

Okay so we know who the players are behind the "Girlfriend Experience" and we know they love to use "pretend opposition".  Welcome to the "pretend opposition" to this film the "Girlfriend Experience":  Yes it's the "end demand" people.

Now are those women ex-prostitutes?  Yes.  But I ask you WHO IS BEHIND THE CAMERA?  Why Swanee Hunt.   Which ties Swanee Hunt to Domina Elle by virtue of that IP address we found.  Huh?

Who is Swanee Hunt?  You remember her - she gave the grant money to start up Division 17 of which Brenda Myers-Powell, Marion Thatcher, Autumn Burris, did the whole NBC interview AFTER I had served Brenda with a "cease and desist" demand to stop using our name in the media. Why?  Because she was giving the impression our group was for just a bunch of street walking junkies with street pimps who want to stop prostitution INSTEAD of being for men and women who have a desire to leave the sex industry, in ALL FORMS, for ANY reason of which trafficking was only but one reason of many.

Ah now it fits.  We're back looking at Marion Thatcher, Autumn Burris, etc.,  protesting the "Girlfriend Experience" who are part of Division 17 funded by Swanee.  We remember them - they're the ones who took Brenda and got her to betray our program (who got her into recovery in the first place), by filming the NBC interview, the Oprah documentary, and Dreamcatchers, all using our name when we kept sending her "cease and desist" orders to demand she stop using our name in the media without our consent.  Why?  Because she was paid and got some air time on TV.

Why them?  BECAUSE THESE PEOPLE WERE USING THEM THAT'S WHY.  Come on - don't tell me Swanee Hunt kicked in all that money just to help out some women of color get off the streets in Chicago.  If that was the case, and she admired Brenda's recovery so much then where's my name on the board of this program being I created the first program that WORKED in Chicago for those leaving the sex industry that's still cranking 'em out today despite her joining in our opposition?

What you think that this isn't what she did?  Get these women to create "false opposition"?  I doubt they realize that's what they're doing - but I know Swanee Hunt is smart enough to know the strings she'll pulling and that this opposition is about generating publicity for her end goals.

This woman is not stupid.  She knows good and well that the opposition she's stirring up just generates support for what these men are doing.   That by restricting demand you increase the price and the demand for the "legal" product, i.e., virtual porn, strip clubs, massage parlors, legal brothels - or any avenue where the buyer won't get busted.  Just as Eliot Spitzer knew what he was doing when he stiffened the sentence also.

Because again, if this was about helping these women get out of the sex industry, and finding recovery, why wouldn't she be partnering with and promoting the PROGRAM THAT MADE BRENDA POSSIBLE?

No.  Instead, she hires Brenda to TURN on that program, us, who got her into recovery in the first place.  Meaning if this was about creating more "Brenda's" - we would have been brought into the loop and involved instead of being actively shunned and ignored.

So what better way to lead someone to think "that's not me" when looking at those women like Brenda and Autumn?  What better way to make them think working for a porn company like Vivid, or doing 3d porn webcam work isn't "prostitution" by having another survivor leading women away from that program that helped them?  I used to think the SAME THING when I was watching TV in the 1970's and 80's.  I'd see these burned out street prostitutes and I'd say to myself "oh I could never do that".  But I didn't have a problem on the other hand with thinking how much I wanted to be like Jane Fonda in "Klute" at the same time - a film showing a nice white girl meeting nice businessmen.  Not at all like some street walker in Chicago - oh no.  Here see what I mean -

Now contrast what you just saw with the escort in "Klute" with this image of a street walker.  They appear quite different to you don't they?


Now what happens is the white girls look at this protest video against "The Girlfriend Experience" and they think these two things aren't the same at all.  It's all branding used by marketing people and advertisers all the time.  

What never heard of this?  Never heard of using someone a person relates to in order to lead them down the wrong path?  Sure you have.  When you heard the Nazi's had the Jews leading other Jews into the showers.  They knew if they tried to lead them in - they'd fight.  So yes this is propaganda at it's best.  Noam Chomsky calls it "Manufacturing Consent".   Which by the way they would not able to pull off prior to the Telecommunications Act of 1995 - so I hold the FCC responsible within this conspiracy.

Who made these videos with these women in Chicago which was put together by Swanee Hunt?  NBC?   NBC only filmed Division 17, which tax returns show was funded partly by Swanee Hunt.  Follow the money as I've always been taught because it goes back to Swanee Hunt in most cases.

Now if I'm wrong - then show me where, anywhere, that any group receiving money from Swanee Hunt says that "webcams" or "3D virtual porn" or any type of work within the sex industry itself is what they're wanting the laws to be written about.  No it's not.  It's designed for what it's designed for - to make the product illegal to drive up the demand and the price AND in the process corral a bigger market into the very product line these guys are pushing now along with a "promotional" video called the "Girlfriend Experience" the increase the sales.

I mean what guy is going to go out and risk getting busted over a $20 hooker when he can sit at home, turn on his TV, do the same thing, and then gets an ad flashed at him on the set right after he's climaxed and he's pushing out oxytocin?  Why marketers would give their left nut for that kind of marketing wouldn't they?

What you think Facebook isn't a part of this?  Type in your city and look what you can find -

And between Polaris, Katherine Chon and Swanee Hunt - anyone touched by their money or influence won't even recognize we exist.  Has Facebook put up an ad for Sex Workers Anonymous?  Starz running public service announcements for us?  See any documentaries about our work which made women like Brenda possible being shot?  Which again if this was about helping men and women to exit the sex industry - they're staring right at Brenda and Kathleen both so they know our program does it - so why shun us this way then if that was their end goal?

Because it's not.

Now why would Domina Elle be a "catfish" that's using controlled opposition and influencers against our program?  We are the only program I know of out there who defines our recovery by abstaining NOT FROM PROSTITUTION but FROM SEX WORK that's why.  Which includes the web cam, the porn industry and what these companies are about to roll out which is going to require women on the other end of the camera!

If I'm wrong - let me ask you WHY is NOT ONE of them talking about a law forbidding all porn to go out over the internet or cable TV, Oculus, Facebook, Google, etc?   Porn drives demand for prostitution, and is directly connected to child abuse.  Ask an investigator or cop and they'll tell you EACH AND EVERY TIME they come across a child who is raped, kidnapped, or molested they find porn.  Ask any prostitute - and she'll tell you the "johns" ask for what they see on TV.  Do not even try to tell me there has not been an upsurge in the sales of B&D products and visits to dungeons since "50 Shades of Grey".

Yet in all these "end demand" projects - I have yet to see them discuss forming a film company to make films that will air on major TV, cable, Starz, HBO, etc. on true life stories that would truly "end demand"?  If the promoters are making "The Girlfriend Experience", and protesting it just gets more people to watch it, then why, oh why, are they not talking about forming their own film company to produce counter-media?  Why not discuss the FCC banning any media promoting the sex industry?  Why not bring back the requirement for "opposing views" we had prior to 1995 which would require that every time Dennis Hof goes on TV to sell his brothel - that a trafficking group also has to go on with him to counter what he's selling?

Again, why would Swanee Hunt use such a tactic as "pretend opposition" to get her end goals when she's smart enough to know this tactic just supports what she says she wants to stop?  Meaning why on earth would she be funding supposedly abolition on one hand, but then using "pretend opposition" also against us making it appear the sex industry is against us?  Why deny and fight us when we are CLEARLY effective at getting men and women out of the sex industry, and away from pimps and traffickers?  Why aren't we on any of those boards if her goal is what she says it is?

Read up on who Swanee Hunt is first of all.  Hunt Alternatives also funds the Denver "First Friday's Art Walk" through the Colorado Creative Co-Op. 

Now guess who owns a studio that's on that "first friday art walk"?  Domina Elle "visit the Red Hand Gallery on First Friday's Art Walk -

Here's the information on the grant money to Colorado and showing they fund the Denver Art's District Art Walk

Which explain why Domina Elle's IP address showed "demand abolition" as one of her IP addresses.  Yep.  Swanee Hunt is funding Domina Elle and the website and attacks she put up against us at  So again if what Swanee wanted for her end goal was to help other women to escape sex trafficking and/or prostitution - then she'd be pumping up the program who made the recovery for Brenda - not Brenda.   If you want to help people set up potato farms - you sell seeds and land - not potatoes. 

Now on to Vivid.  They aren't a "trafficker" right?  Well according to these people who are funding all these projects to convince you "traffickers" are African American men standing on street corners with guns - no.  They don't put guns to anyone's head and force them to go work for them.   But if you let me define what a "trafficker" is - to me it's someone who is forcing you to be in the industry against your will, and who won't show you where the way out is.  And using your money to deceive people into destroying your opposition, i.e., us - that's the tactic of a trafficker.

Playboy has provided support to Children of the Night for years.  A program to help young people get off the streets, and away from traffickers and prostitution.  Has Vivid donated any support to either our work or Children of the Night, or any exit group for that matter?  Some people go to an even further extreme in their accusations.  Since Spitzer is also Jewish - I can see where they might get some of these ideas.  Fleishman is a Jewish name also it appears.  Steven Hirsch is also Jewish and the founder and CEO of Vivid Entertainment.  Swanee Hunt is Presbyterian - but according to this profile is quite versed in the formation of movements, and also supportive of women-led groups.   Meaning she's smart enough to know exactly what she's doing - and all the more reason why you would think she'd be supportive of our program being it was founded by a woman.  So this is just all the more evidence she knows exactly what she's doing and it's not about "ending demand" or "abolition" in reality.

Smart enough to know Vivid and the "Girlfriend Experience" is benefiting by the opposition being created by Swanee Hunt.  She CLEARLY knows the best way to oppose someone or something is to simply NOT ACKNOWLEDGE them JUST LIKE SHE'S DOING TO US.  I don't see her opposing us or me.  So why the attention being paid to these people then if she knows the best way to not give attention to someone is to simply ignore them - not oppose them?

NO.  This is about making a "distinction" in the mind of the public between that of the streetwalker level of illegal prostitution, and that of the white woman doing the "inside" legal types of sex workers such as what's shown in the "Girlfriend Experience".

Again, by making people think sex trafficking is different than what someone sees on the "Girlfriend Experience" using media in the way Swanee is, to increase the demand and prices for the product, and then try and stamp out the one group standing in the way of you recruiting, and retaining, help er product - well that to me is the action of a trafficker/pimp.

Need more proof of how traffickers act?  Does anyone remember when they couldn't look anywhere without seeing a cover saying something about Kloe Kardashian was OJ's daughter?  I remember, and I remember it coming out that this was during a contract negotiation with National Enquirer media empire who said they wanted to show Kris what they could do to her in the media if she didn't sign some contracts they wanted her to sign.  In other words DESTROY HER.  There's a lot of ways to coerce someone into doing what you want other than using a gun.   One of those ways is major exposure within the media as a porn performer.  After that, you won't be able to get a job at McDonald's.

Besides, what happens to those who aren't Kris' natural born daughters when they get involved with Vivid?  Who is going to hire someone to work for them after being in a Vivid film if you're a Montana Fishburne or a Karrine Steffans?

Well that's why you need to get Kris Jenner to manage you!  Well maybe.   Sure Kris can get your face on a cover but let's see - Kim's married to a bipolar who despite his wealth and talent can't go five minutes without a joint, telling off some white lady, or asking a rich Jewish friend for money.

Kloe stood by her husband after almost dying from drugs in what clearly is a drug problem after her own DUI experiences who rebounded with the show "Kocktails" promoting booze before her husband can even be strong enough to hit an NA meeting.  

Kourtney has her hands full with her alcoholic husband who can't seem to make it through a visit with the kids in a sober manner.

Rob was gaining weight and watching porn 24 hours a day until he got "saved" supposedly by knocking up Blac Chyna it seems.  We'll see how long that lasts.

You know who's making out like a bandit?  Kris.

In the meantime, this whole family is in need of serious addiction treatment.  We have sex addiction, drug addiction, porn addiction, eating disorders, and yes even an addiction to the sex industry.   Yes they are all making money.  Just as I was back in my day when I was in the sex industry and I had to choose "recovery" or "money".  I struggled with that a lot until the man who was my first sponsor handed me a news article he found.   He always knew exactly what I was thinking.   It was a story about a man found on the side of the road with over a million dollars in cash in the trunk - and the owner dead.   It means nothing if you're dead as people like Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston know who died from addiction.

Now like all good pimps do who convince their bitches they're with the "best" Kris seems to making financially.  All while making sure doesn't get their word out anymore than the tobacco people allowed their victims to tell the truth about their product.  Watch the film "Insider" with Al Pacino if you wonder what I'm up against.

By the way, you do know it's just a matter of time before they link this 3d virtual reality porn to the webcam world and they're going to need performers willing to work with their clients who will be on the other end with their TV right?   Women who then will be suggesting PRODUCTS after their session to buy.   Now that's what Amazon rolled out that kind of money for if you ask me. 

Which might explain why Zuckerberg has admitted to an experiment on Facebook to show how they can manipulate your emotions using Oculus. Getting an idea now why the native American reservations were refusing his offer of free internet?  I'm sorry but Mark Zuckerberg is not being "generous".  He wants people wired up for sound - and porn - and to buy products.

Google is a part of this

Google gave Polaris a donation of $11.5 MILLION DOLLARS to "fight sex slavery".  

Did I get a check for Sex Workers Anonymous - who founded the modern day movement which got sex trafficking in America federal recognition as being real in the first place?  Oh hell no.  Check the date on my news clip here at  You'll see I started our group, hotline, and movement in 1987.  Polaris?  2002.

Why are we getting all this opposition by omission?  Because our program doesn't just focus on street prostitution.  We tell men and women one of these porn webcam Oculus Amazon Google studios still a form of prostitution that's why!

Now hold up - Alcoholics Anonymous does not say alcohol itself is the program that needs to be done away with - I'm not saying porn in and of itself needs to be abolished.  I'm against someone not having a choice to go in OR TO LEAVE.   If the only programs out there are for "trafficking victims" - then I ask you who is going to be there to help a woman LEAVE working for one of these companies that already recruiting women to do so?

Polaris?  Oh hell no - that's why they got $11.5 million from Google.  Google who when I offered to bring in some members of SWA to come speak to their executives about the dangers within the legal sex industry they told me to blow it out my ear!  So yes they want to "fight sex trafficking" - but NO they don't want to educate their male executives how sites like Ashley Madison or Sugar Daddy can have both trafficking victims and also serial killers endangering their lives. That just because it's not a street corner doesn't mean it's safe.

Because remember our program also helps women stop working in the porn and web cam industry.  That's why we didn't get a check.  That's these men are trying to make sure these women don't know WE EXIST.  AND it's also a very good reason for stamping out our voice the "johns" suffer from sexual addiction.  Something I have YET to hear anyone speak about anywhere Hunt is funding the rounding up and arresting of "johns" WITHOUT telling them about programs like Sexaholics Anonymous.  I kind of figured this out when I noticed the National Council on Sexual Addiction I used to speak at their yearly conventions folded without warning in the year 2000.  Meaning it was odd they disappeared the very year there was finally federal money available now for the issue

Yes my dear friends - when Swanee Hunt is paying the Alameda prosecutors office,  Nancy O'Malley, to run around busting "johns", all while having Maxine Doogan PRETEND to be objecting - what they're doing is a couple of things at the same time for the same dollar:

1.   They are reducing the number of sex service producers who are operating in the illegal realms by removing their means of advertising their services online, who with no alternative but to stand on a corner and risk getting knocked up side the head by some maniac for $20 - they begin to consider going to work for a LEGAL company such as a webcam studio, a porn agency, a massage parlor or a strip club.  Meaning they've just increased the number of sex workers who would be seeking out to work for either Vivid, the porn production company, or the company that's providing this 3D virtual sex provider.  Jobs that are safe, cushy, and free of being arrested by the Alameda DA's office.  Why Vivid?  Kim Kardashian's tape is on the tip of everyone's tongue for one.  Playboy isn't even doing nudes anymore is another.   They have the most dominant presence at the AVN also.  They're the company people think of first as shown by how Montana Fishburne was down there on her 18th birthday to get her contract.

2.   By reducing the number of sex workers advertising online services, they INCREASE the same number of those men turning to the internet for sexual release in OTHER manners, i.e., they increase their potential for sales.

3.   By running around arresting the "johns" who are out there on the streets still offering some alternative for these women to make money through sex work - they also increase the number of men going "oh no way - I'm either going legal or nothing".  Which I'm sure is fully supported by the legal brothels of Nevada because most men when forced to choose between flying or driving up to the Nevada brothel vs. an arrest will take the trip to avoid the risk.

Then Maxine Doogan files a lawsuit against Nancy O'Malley, thus giving the press more of a chance to talk about the "end demand" campaign, which is then further beefed up by Domina Elle speaking about it too online.  Here's information on the lawsuit -

Nancy O'Malley's office received an $80,000 grant from Hunt Alternatives.   She's named in the Maxine Doogan lawsuit.  The San Francisco prosecutor's office is named in Maxine's lawsuit and here's information on the money they received from Hunt -

In Silicon Valley, there's grant money given to juvenile hall

The only fly in the ointment is that pesky Jody, founder of Sex Workers Anonymous, who keeps saying this doesn't help sex workers, it doesn't "end demand" but in fact only increases it, and who eliminates their pool of workers for these legal sex industries by that damned hotline number of hers Domina Elle has repeatedly told me she's out to destroy again with and  (also set up to bash other rescue organizations also).

Now why would Shawnee be paying Domina Elle to be both a part of SWOP and a part of the "end demand" faction - all while putting so much effort into trying to shut down our hotline as she has if not for the fact her actions don't appear to be about doing anything other than pushing demand, and sex workers, into other avenues?  Again, she's definitely smart enough to know if she wanted to end it by treating it then she'd be supporting the very program that spawned Brenda and Kathleen would seem a logical assumption.

Is she trying to replace us with the Cupcake Girls?  Oh no - that was to get the law passed in Nevada to get a prostitution conviction off your record.  Why?  So they can go and get a license to work at the legal brothels or an entertainers' license for a strip club because it sure isn't about expunging records.  Again if you could "prove trafficking" then you wouldn't have a case.  No - it appears to be about getting a signature to get records expunged rather than the pesky year we're having our members put into recovery before we help them get record expungement.

That is with the signature of a judge that's so much easier than spending a year going through our program where you have to get a job for a year out of sex work to show the judge you've left the industry as we've been doing with our members in Nevada.  No - they want women who have a record but want to get a license, to be able to grab a judge and "convince" him to sign the record expungement - and then voila!  You can go and get a brothel prostitute license then.  Which explains why Maxine and Domina Elle promote the Cupcake Girls so heavily rather than our program - again they are not a program that gets men and women out of the sex industry now are they?

And my own personal story about why I brought sex trafficking to the attention of the public, the media, and demanded the law be changed to recognize this was happening was because I saw women being sold by our own CIA during Iran Contra.

Now I"m sure none of this has anything to do with the fact Polaris is getting all this money while they partner up with Palantir Technologies right?

Who's that?  The CIA.

Is anyone getting the picture here yet?

So did Starz roll out the "Girlfriend Experience" to tell us the truth about the sex industry for white girls in the upper levels of the industry - or are they setting up the stage to recruit new workers and new customers?  Maybe for Oculus and a handheld remote that reads temperature that's just got an FCC license made by the company that the producer of the "Girlfriend Experience" used to work at.

Why is this important?  Because when you see something you "like" - your temperature will increase that's why.

In my day, and Jeane Palfrey's day, as madams, the CIA would come to us and pump us for information on our clients as to their sexual secrets, as well as to put bugs in their ears about things they wanted them to do.  Like we saw with Glaxo Pharmaceuticals and the Chinese prostitutes.  Or the Columbian prostitute who said she wanted to "fight trafficking" but then that was just a negotiation to get her own high dollar porn contract.

Or even them coming to real life true survivors of the sex industry and all it's horrors, and talking them into being filmed THINKING they're fighting the sex industry, all the while they're supporting it and just driving traffic to their cash registers.   Because they want white girls to think "oh that's not me" when they see Brenda in "Dreamcatchers" or these women protesting the film.

Now Brenda - now maybe you understand why we demanded you not use our name in connection with those projects.  Because you were being pimped by the very ones who set us up to be recruited into the sex industry in the first place to make them money and find them new recruits.

I mean do you think someone like Belle Knox or Christy Mack is going to look at a film like Dreamcatchers, hear that's "Prostitutes Anonymous" and run to call our hotline for help?  Hell no.

Which is what these men who are about to roll out this new "future of porn" on us want - for victims of theirs not to know about or why we exist.  Try and leave these guys and they make leaving Charlie Sheen or Eliot Spitzer look like a walk in the park.

Think about this partnership - Oculus, Google, Facebook, Vivid, Polaris, Palantir Technologies, Truckers Against Trafficking, the Sheraton Hotels, airports, the human trafficking task forces, prosecutors' office, attorney general's, police, Trafficking in Persons Office, United Way, Amazon - all connected now on these projects.   Again, if they can hear what goes on in every TV set, or every Alexa device - then I ask you - where can you run to escape this?

Do you wonder why there's been fake sex trafficking witnesses testifying to Congress and I'm not allowed or invited or even acknowledged?

Because they don't want you to hear what is truly modern day sex trafficking in America.  The image of African American pimps being the issue, as well as prostitution being the issue - TOTALLY DISTRACTS from any idea or discussion about these companies possible involvement in the promotion of the legalized sex industries, and especially that of white women being recruited as thinking "that doesn't apply to me" with respect to "all that talk about sex trafficking".  I mean when have we even seen a white girl testifying at Congress as a survivor?

Well now they're coming after you.  Right in the comfort of your own home!

I've seen the "beta testing" of Facebook to connect people up to their local escort services, massage parlors, strip clubs, etc., just by typing in their zip code.  Well actually the internet will know where they are.  It will hear them, sense their body heat, and even have a customized profile of their buying habits stored.  Vivid, Oculus, Amazon and Facebook will allow them to create an avatar for "Alexis" and have 3D interactive porn.

They've already had the groups make sure to cut porn as much as possible out of hotels and cell phones.  Thus driving even more trafficking to them.  The data's going to be sent through Polaris to Palantir for "data mining".  Vivid has said themselves "this is the future". Thanks to Shawnee, men will be afraid to pick up street prostitutes, and sex workers won't have Backpage to advertise on, nor any other site.  Thus leaving them to stay safe going to knock on these guys' doors for work.

To top it off - Melissa Farley got access to all that information on "johns" buying habits under the smoke screen of it being about researching victims.  Meanwhile her research on the native American "john" has been sent over to Facebook so they know how best to tailor their sales to their target consumer.   Since no one is on any street corner - the public will think they've "beat sex trafficking".  Oh yes this is a frightening new world we're being pushed into.  Because I ask you - you tell me how you'd leave such an operation if you wanted to?  Like Kesha or Stoya - you'd even have people telling you that you can't leave "because you have a contract".  If you work for them - they'd know your social security number, address, phone, bank information, etc.  You go to a relative or friend's house and the microphone's can pick up your voice.  The hotels and airports can be put on alert for you.

The whole thing looks identical to how the bootleggers used Prohibition to their complete advantage.  Just as the bootleggers would had the Politicians loving it because they got elected on a dry campaign.  They had their competitors arrested which made the local cops happy because they got paid.  Then the customers all came to them and they could charge five times as much because of the shortage.

Heck these guys will even know when the customer is in the mood based on his viewing habits, buying habits, and the temperature of his fingers on his remote.  Boy, wait until his climax and the oxytocin is pumping, then flash him an ad - and wow - what brainwashing, er marketing!

No wonder Zuckerberg is trying to give away free internet to people.  Dealers always put out the first one on the house don't they?  

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